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Bringing Your New Kitten Home

Fuzzy, cuddly, curious new kittens bring great joy to a home. But in order to keep everyone happy (and healthy), it is important you take the right steps in introducing your sweet little furball into your home. Just like human babies require special care, as do kittens – especially during those first few days while it adjusts to your new home.  


Bring your kitten home when you have a couple days clear on your schedule to be available to help it get used to its new home. Your kitten will be going through a lot of adjustments so it is important to be present to make it feel as comfortable as possible.  


If you already have other cats in your home, it is important to make sure your kitten is tested for illness before introducing it into your household. From parasites to illnesses like feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus, new kittens can carry a host of things you don’t want to bring home to your other pets so vaccinations are a great idea. 

Keeping Your Kitten Safe 

Although your kitten will likely develop a positive relationship with other pets in your home, it is important to have a special space designated for kitty for the first few weeks. Consider creating a small space that is free of other pets or give your kitty a spare room in your house for the time being. Be sure to set its litter box on one side of the area and food on the other – nobody wants to eat next to their toilet! 

Setting Kitty Free 

When it’s time to let your kitten loose, set the carrier in a room and open the door. Don’t force kitty to come out until it is ready. Leave the carrier in the room once it does come out, providing a familiar hiding spot until it is comfortable exploring!

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