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Why Your Pet Needs an Annual Exam

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Annual exams by a vet are important for your pet. Your cat or dog can’t tell you when he isn’t feeling the greatest. Additionally, animals sometimes mask symptoms of sickness until the disease has advanced. By having an annual exam conducted, you can do your part of maintaining good health for your pet. 

Need further convincing? Here are some important reasons why you shouldn’t skip an annual exam for your pet. 

Watching the Heart 

During an annual exam, your vet will check on your pet’s heart, ensuring that the heart rate is good and that there are not any abnormalities. Heart conditions can be serious, which is why annual exams are so important. You can’t check this at home. 

Catching Disease Early 

Your vet will also perform blood tests and a physical examination which can help to identify disease in its early stages. Many diseases in cats and dogs are not obvious until symptoms are advanced. By catching a disease early through careful examination, your pet will be able to receive appropriate treatments that can help to get her well again or at least keep her comfortable while preventing it from progressing quickly.  

Not only does this help to keep your pet comfortable and potentially prevents illness, but it can save you time and money by recognizing a disease early on! 


Not only do parasites pose a risk to your pet but they can be transmitted to humans. This can pose a risk to both your health and your pet’s. Not all parasites produce symptoms, which is another great reason to have an annual exam conducted by your veterinarian. If parasites are found, your vet can help you to treat the problem right away.  

Dental Health 

Canines and Felines are prone to tartar buildup and gum disease. During an annual exam, your vet will check the status of your pet’s dental health, addressing any issues requiring cleaning or procedures to maintain proper oral health. 

Overall, by taking your pet to your vet once a year, you are saving him from a host of problems. Do what you can to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible. Don’t skip these visits!

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