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5 Tips For Giving Pills To Your Dog

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Many dogs seem to hate receiving medicine and pet owners dread administering it. When medicine comes in the form of a pill, capsule or tablet, it can be even more difficult to ensure that your dog gets the dosage he needs. Have you ever seen a dog spit up a capsule or find it lying on the floor after thinking your pup had already ingested it? If you are fed up with trying to give pills to your dog, do not lose heart. Try these tips for getting your pooch to swallow her pills. 

(Before giving any medicine with food, make sure your vet is okay with the method you choose prior to moving forward.) 

Ask Your Veterinarian 

Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice! They are in their field of work and study because they want to take care of animals and their owners. He will tell you everything you need to know from tips to information about the medication. If he does not offer the information initially, simply ask! 

If you and your pooch continue to struggle with the pill form, ask if the medication comes in an alternative form. 

Be Positive 

Begin the process of giving medication to your dog with a positive attitude. If you are stressed, your canine will likely be too. Speak cheerfully. If she does not successfully take her medication, avoid showing your frustration. Keep trying with a positive attitude. If she takes the treatment, cover her in praise. 

Choose Smelly and Tasty Food 

Some medications are quite stinky. You may find it to be helpful to choose foods that are potent and enjoyable to your pet. This can help to mask the stench of some pills and can be a useful tool for tricking your pooch’s powerful nose. 

Pill Hiders 

Some commercial companies make pill hiding products. These are a great way to give pills to your dog, simplifying your life. However, if your pet needs several pills a day, it can get costly. 


Regardless of how your dog takes her medication, immediately reward her with a treat. This will help to make the medication taking process into a positive experience rather than one that you both dread.

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