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Stress Free Dog Bathing Tips

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The word on the street has been for years that you should only bathe your dog once every six months because bathing can strip the oils from your canine’s coat. More recently, veterinary dermatologists are debunking this statement, saying weekly baths for your dog aren’t a bad idea after all. In fact, regular baths are great for treating irritating skin conditions dogs can be prone to like skin infections and itchy, dry skin.  

Is this discouraging news to you? Do you loathe bath time because not only does dog get wet but you, yourself and the entire bathroom from ceiling to floor? Have no fear. With these dog-bathing tips, you will find bath time for your pooch to be a little more enjoyable for him and a little less traumatic for you (and your home).  

Get everything ready. There is nothing more frustrating (to you or your dog) than you need to walk away to get something during bath time with a wet dog eagerly wanting to follow you. Have everything set out ahead of time. 

Brush your dog first. Before any water touches your dog, grab a brush and get to work. This can help the shampoo to get into the coat and helps to eliminate mats before the water sets them in.  

Use three towels. Place one at the bottom of the tub to keep your dog from sliding and creating massive waves. Towel number two can be used to help deflect flying droplets of water when he decides to shake. Towel number three is for (you guessed it) drying. 

Block the drain with a piece of steel wool to catch dog hairs. 

Make the water warm. 

Fill the tub before bringing Fido in. The sound of rushing water can add to anxiety in dogs. 

Use a leash!!! By all means, make use of that thing. You will thank us later when your dog tries to make a run for it in attempt to spray dog water all over your entire house. Leashes are also helpful for leading reluctant dogs to the tub. 

Which brings us to the final tip… 

Treat along the way. A good dog deserves a bone (or biscuit, or whatever). This helps to reward good behavior for future baths. 

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