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Puppy's First Grooming

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One of the many exciting perks of pet ownership is taking your dog to the groomer. Much like taking yourself to the spa, you can treat your pooch to a period of (sometimes) relaxation and a new look! But how soon can you take your pup?  

It is typically best that (at the very least) you wait until your puppy is able to leave its mother and is at least 8 weeks old. You should also wait until the puppy has been introduced to its new home and has established a good relationship with its new owner before considering setting an appointment. Because of this, the overall best age to begin is usually around 12 weeks of age.  

It is recommended that you bring your puppy in for the first time around 12 weeks rather than waiting until it is 6 months old. At 6 months of age, aggression and fears have been established and it can make grooming appointments difficult for both the puppy and the groomer. By bringing your puppy in during the appropriate age window, your pup will learn to enjoy grooming while trusting the groomer. 

What Will Happen at the First Grooming Appointment? 

The first grooming appointment is usually an introduction to grooming for both owner and pup. The first appointment often includes nail clipping, a bath, blow drying and usually a slight trimming (a full haircut is often not necessary or may be too much for puppy on its first visit).  

At Home Grooming 

At home grooming is also important when it comes to helping your puppy become used to grooming so it will enjoy its experience when going to the groomer. When it comes to home grooming, wash first and start slowly. Ensure that you are using the right tools and be careful to not pull hair, going in the right direction. It is also important to know your dog’s coat and use the right tools for it. If you are uncertain, ask your groomer for advice.

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